Gospel Spirituality

Boaz the Great

We tend to toy with sin. Many days we think sin is fun and not deadly.  Our heart’s desire is not for right living, but rather thinking about and touching and watching what we should not. Also, many days, following the Bible’s path seems rigid and life-draining. We know what is right, but our emotions and feelings are not for righteousness.


Recently I saw sin for what it was.  Two things happened. First, I was walking with a buddy whose life got blown up by sin. It is a movie we have seen before, but it is still a bad movie. Second, I saw some Christian leaders be very indifferent towards a vulnerable person. Those two real life scenarios hit me at a gut level.  I was both broken-hearted for my buddy, and angry for the vulnerable and how apathetic the church can become. In that moment I knew the truth, but those glorious biblical truths overflowed into my emotions.

I think that is why Boaz looked so great to me. Recently, in my devotional reading, I read the short story of Ruth. You might know the story, if not, grab your Bible turn to the index, and take 15 minutes to read the whole story. As I read, I was overcome with how Boaz entered the story.

He walked onto the scene, and my soul rejoiced at how he greeted his employees and how he cared for a vulnerable woman. He walked up to his field and greeted his field hands with “The LORD be with you you!”  They joyously responded to their righteous boss with “The LORD bless you.” Boaz was not a harsh and manipulative and wicked boss. No, he was a man who loved the Lord and loved those who were put under his charge. His employees didn’t hate him, they didn’t need a union, they didn’t need lawyers to protect them. They prayed blessings upon him! Then Boaz encourages the vulnerable Ruth to stay under his care, and he instructed his men to also care for her. He blessed his workers as well as those in need.

The Spirit moved in my life to see the glories of Boaz’s life. In the face of destructive sin and disappointing indifference, I was reading about the glories of righteousness! Friends, God’s ways are not soul-killing…but life-giving.