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ALBUM REVIEW: Kaela Sinclair’s “Sun and Mirror”

I normally reserve this blog for comments about biblical spirituality and issues we are wrestling with at Redeemer Church. However, a couple of times a year I stumble upon an album that I really enjoy. Being back in Denton has only further stirred my enjoyment of indie-rock. Earlier in the year one of the guys from Midlake was plugging Kaela Sinclair so I thought I would check out her music.


I found sweeping bold vocals, insightful truthful lyrics, and a variety of sounds and instruments that would be expected from an artist connected to Midlake. The melody in “Without” is powerful. “Lock and Key” is one of favorites on the album due its unique sound and the simple poetry of her lyrics. Love the line “looking out from within is the original sin” from “Original Sin.” Not sure Kaela’s religious beliefs but I find “Like Kings” to be a hopeful look to the future. “The Realist” is also a cool little confessional.

Ok, I know I stink at using words to describe music, and don’t have much of a future as a music critic. But, when I find a great album by a Denton artist I have share the love. Check out Kaela Sinclair on iTunes or at


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